Thousands of cats, dogs and other domestic animals are abandoned each year. They deserve better than to be left to wander the streets or to be abruptly euthanized. Many refuges offer refuge to homeless animals, hoping that they will be able to find someone to adopt them and treat them with love and kindness. People who adopt a pet do so out of love, and their love for animals means they want what's best for them.

If you would like a dog, cat or another type of animal companion, call us !  We can refer you refuges

You might be asking yourself why your new pet was abandoned in the first place. You might wonder if there was a behavioural problem at their old home. However, in most cases, the problem is with the previous owner, and not the pet. In general, the reasons for abandoning a cat or a dog have nothing to do with health and behaviour. A divorce, a move, or a new baby are often the excuses. Or the family may also have underestimated the time and work involved in having a pet in the home.

Does adopting cost more or less? The advantage of adopting from a refuge is that you'll know that the animal has received all necessary preventive treatment included sterilization.