End of life

You have to have lived with a pet to fully understand just how important and deep the relationship and connection can be between human and animal companion? especially after spending years together. So when the day comes that you realize there's no treatment left for whatever ails your beloved friend, or that their quality of life has become too severely compromised, you might want to discuss euthanasia with your vet. Take comfort: this last step will be taken gently and with dignity.

We know that this final step will be significant for you. Therefore, we have a room available just for you so that you can share this precious moment with your pet. Perhaps they sense that this day is a little different. No doubt they will sense your stress. Once you're ready, we will sedate your friend, so that they can spend their last moments in peace. If you would like to be present, by all means: then you'll know that the last person they'll see will be you. There won't be any pain and the transition will be completely natural.


Once the procedure is completed, we regularly recommend cremation, either regular or private. Should you opt for private cremation, you may receive a small urn containing the ashes of your well-loved friend.


Yes it can.  Then you can experience this difficult moment in the comfort of your home, and your pet can make the transition surrounded by a familiar and comforting environment.